Get a more complete picture of all your finances in one place.

CompleteView is an innovative feature built right into your Liberty account, allowing you to consolidate information from your various financial accounts into one convenient interface.

By providing a view of your overall financial picture, this feature may help you gain a more holistic understanding of your financial situation.

It also provides you with a measure of convenience; you can easily monitor any account set up in CompleteView through a single online interface, without needing to regularly log on to each provider or account. You’ll have your account information in one place.


You can sign up for this free service by talking to your financial advisor.

Consider these benefits of CompleteView:

  • Convenience. You can easily monitor your accounts through a single online interface without regularly entering different log on credentials for each supported financial institution or account. The system offers data links to more than 14,000 institutions, including banks, investment firms, 401(k) providers, and other financial service providers. Link your accounts quickly and easily.

  • Streamlined information. You can access up-to-date account balance information and view how your balances have changed over time, without having to compare paper statements. You’ll have the information in one place.

  • Recordkeeping. CompleteView also aids in simplifying your recordkeeping. By having your financial data collated in one place, you can view your assets and liabilities for a clearer view of your total financial situation.

  • Additional financial management features. CompleteView includes personal financial management applications for your convenience. For example, you may want to utilize budgeting and goal-setting features, or analyze spending by category.

We maintain information security controls to protect your data

As a part of our commitment to information and network security, CompleteView utilizes encryptions for data transmissions and endpoint authentication with API access tokens to help keep account information confidential and secure.

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